Thursday, December 20, 2012

NKIRU SILVANUS is still missing

Please pray for these two; actress NKIRU SILVANUS and actor/model KENNETH OKOLIE who took this picture together on a movie set not knowing they will shoot the concluding part in the custody of  kidnappers, they were kidnapped on the same movie set and have since been missing.

Sources says that a ransom of 100million Naira is being demanded by their captors.

Picture taken at the movie location before he was kidnapped
WARNING Mr/Mrs kidnapers, this guys have a time bomb on them ooooh! Release them now if you want to celebrate Christmas!

The Otherside of Majid Michel

Majid Michel Erawoc was born on the 22nd September , 1980, in Accra, Ghana,  to Michel Erawoc, a Lebanese, and Paulina Olympio, a Ghanaian.

Majid had attended the Academy of Screen Arts which is affiliated with Ashesi University and this is quite visible in his career today.

Majid Michael has received various awards of divers’ categories.  One amazing thing about this Icon  is his ability to transform himself completely into another while interpreting a character.

Click “FREE FALL” to see Majid play a physically challenged lawyer. You will hardly want to believe he's not actually challenged physically.

Libreville, Gabon and Nollywood

What is it between this part of the world and Nollywood?

Did you know that Zachee Ama Orji popularly known as Zack Orji who stared in the blockbuster Empty Coffin was born in Libreville, Gabon in the 1960s, he is a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

While Jim lyke Esomugha was also born in Libreville, Gabon to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Esomugha. Jim Iyke hails from Enugu Agidi village of Anambra state Eastern Nigeria.

Were you born there too, you may be the next toast of Nollywood, either as an actor, director or an honourable onlooker.

Watch Zack Orji’s latest movie "Empty Coffin" on IbakaTV  and if you think this veteran icon is retiring, you are dead wrong. You will love this.

However, you may want to share with us in the comment box below, where were you born?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hot New, Vito Ft W4 - SOFA

Vito, Real Name "Michael Ovie Ikaka" From Delta State. Born and breed in Lagos, Festac Town  on the 27th of November 1994 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Ikaka, He had his primary Education at Kalac Nursery & Primary School, Lagos and secondary education at Future Heights Academy, Lagos.

Vito comes out this time around with the Video to his Debut Single “SOFA” Which features The Kontrol Master himself W4. This stunning video which was Directed by Ace director Aje Film works @ajefilms ( Director of Brymo’s – Ara & Chuddy K’s – Gaga Crayzie) and depicts the song as a fun grooving tune. This is a must watch and a certain HIT video. SOFA, Vito’s debut single has been on air for the last 4weeks and has been enjoying Massive airplay on a number of platforms both within and outside the shores of the country and this video is a befitting visual representation of the Song.

Also as a Bonus from His Record Label “BMG” BRODOCK MUSIC GROUP, You can also download a brand new single from VITO Off  his coming “Vito GANG-OR-DIE” (V-god) Mix tape which is culled from the “DON’T JUDGE ME” by Chris Brown. You’re sure to be thrilled by this song as well as Vito brings out the best of himself and puts his versatility to test on this one.


Kido Jazzy Drops Feel Alright

Edoghogho Nosakhare Jerron popularly known as kido jazzy hails from edo state nigeria, from a family of five (two girls and three boys) where he is the second to the last child and the youngest boy in the family.

kido jazzy as he is being called has been doing music since his secondary school days in benin before he moved to lagos to take the bull by the horns.

He has a lot of charisma and has developed passion for entertainment since childhood; as he normally says "I am music and music is me!" So without a doubt we should be convinced that kido jazzy is the next act we all should be expecting this year to take over the industry with storm; although, he has been doing a lot of underground over the years with various inspiring upcoming acts.

He also knows he has a lot to offer to the world of entertainment.
At last kido jazzy is finally married to music and the marriage is blessed with two new hot and blazzing singles.

Click to the download Kido Jazzy - Feel Alright

BlackFace - Music In My system

Born Augustine Ahemdu in Obalende, in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

A principal founding member of the defunct multi-platinum selling act Plantashun Boiz, a dynamic RnB/Hip Hop group that changed the face of the Nigerian music scene in the late 90s. He released his first exclusive solo Album titled "Ghetto Child" in 2004, a compilation of hard hitting political rebuttal Dance-Hall music style.

Blackface a principal founding member of the defunct multi-platnium selling act Plantashun Boiz is a prolific song writer who has written loads of hit songs that has defined the careers of many artistes in Nigeria, including the MTV Europe Award 2005 winner in the Best African Artist of the Year category Tuface Idibia on the hit song African Queen which is also the soundtrack for the FOX Century Motion Picture "Phat Girls" starring Monique.

  He drops a smashing hot new video MUSIC IN    MY SYSTEM which is already topping the charts.

 He features Marvelouz Benji in this hit song     and has gone to show that he's back and better and still relevant in the entertainment industry in Nigeria!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Deadly Obsession

'To get all your fingers stained with oil, you only need just one of them'.

It was on a cold night, in the comfort of my home, I was typing a proposal. I had stared too hardly at the screen of my laptop that I had to squint to see, I thought I would close my eyes and massage my eye lids with my fingers and then “Grrrrin! Grrrrin!!” it was the bell. Who could be at my gate? I wondered, looking at my wall clock,  I got to the window; I could only see a car parked at the front of the gate. My house help had gone to be with his wife about 3 hours ago. I had to do this myself;
I rushed down the staircase with my key in one hand as curious thoughts flashed through my mind, I still can’t say if I was scared or just curious but I know there was something so unusual about that night.

I got to the gate and stood yards away. “Who is it?” I queried, listening to the wind and the night to help interpret any little word the person might say beyond what I could see.

Suspicious? Yes I was!
“Sorry please I need some help” I heard from the other end, so subtle, so gentle, the sound of the first sentenced calmed me and the second drew pity out of my bewildered heart.

I got closer and asked who she was but before she could answer I had looked through a little opening from the gate and saw a young lady with a little hand bag, and her shoes on one hand as she dangled her car keys on the other.

I quickly opened the gate knowing what danger she may be in standing outside at the time of the night; did I tell you it was 23:18 PM West African time?

She is stranded, out of fuel and out of cash, she was traveling but the night caught up with her while she was still trying to beat traffic. Her phone is down and so she can’t reach any one. Her ATM had expired, all she needs is a place to lay her head for the night and as early as possible, go to the bank and then she is on her way again and all I wanted to do was give a helping hand.

I had offered her the visitors room but she said the living room was okay; she would sleep on the couch. I thought she would need a bath though she seemed fresh and refreshed to me even though she asked me not to bother.

In as much as I hate to say this; I freaked out when she got into my lighted parlour, Sandal is drop dead beautiful! Yeah, that was her name; Sandal. I got upstairs and felt it would be inhospitable to have her pass the night in my house like a refugee when it could have been better, 'whatever is worth doing is worth doing well'. I said to myself.

So I got a blanket and a pillow and rushed down.
“Here and pleeeeaaaase be relaxed and make yourself comfortable …..You have coffee there, drinks in the bar, anything” I was rehearsing these lines when I froze at the sight of the most gorgeous nudity I have ever seen all my life. My heart practically 'stopped' at that moment!

I  can’t remember opening my mouth but I realize my mouth was open and I managed to close it; salivating already.

...and this is just the beginning of the story, I am presently in between life and death, Kezia my wife now hears voices at night and sees things no other person sees and  my house help has been missing for eight months, not even his wife has a clue of what might have happened or where he may be.

I need help! My name is David and this is my story.

Click Deadly Obsession to see this movie. This intriguing, suspense filled, emotional and revelation thriller is of a rear genre. Its twists and turns will excite and engage you all the way.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Acetune Releases Damiduro Free Style

A thunderous attack on the well known Dami Duro instrumental produced by shizzi, this freestyle is legendary as you would find out in listening.

The Song has the sensational voice of Singer Acetune who is
approaching the music industry with poise as he drops this piece.

Acetune will drop his 1st debut single titled ' Rasheeda ' in the
first quarter of 2013 under the management of BombShelter Entertainmant

Free download, click Here

Monday, December 10, 2012

For Better for WAR

A few Saturdays ago, I was attending a wedding in a church somewhere in Lagos Nigeria when I heard the officiating clergyman say for “better for best, for richer for wealthier” and it ended with till Jesus comes.

Whatever happened to for better for worse, for richer for poorer until death do us part?

Well, I guess we have become so “positive” minded that we hardly want to face the ever realistic reality that would shake its head and smile whenever we make such statements more like we solely control what happens in our lives and that of others around us.

Let’s talk about famous Carl Adams; Tall, handsome, poised, well groomed, with a broad chest, unbelievably stunning, masculine, romantic and extremely sexy even when he is not trying to pull a string or show off; you just can’t but notice his alluring demeanour that beckons the attention of everything feminine around. He is that kind of guy you notice at a dinner party and you quickly wish your guy stops hopping around you for a moment… Ladies, no pretence now, you know what I mean, don't you?

Well, Guess what; he is married and he is faithful to his wife.

Now I'm wondering; where I was when he was still single!

However, one evening, His wife noticed a lip stick stain on his shirt and she immediately concludes he's been cheating, without confronting him with her suspicions she started a cold war.
Aaahhhh! Women, we could be so-so tetchy! She soon sets the house on fire as distrust grows in their marriage, soon after,  both parties decided to hire 'a third eye' to trail each other.

Marriage will always have its ups and downs but honestly we are sometimes the architect of those problems.  You won’t believe what a little lipstick imprint on Carl's shirt by a drunken lady who mistakenly ran into him did to a once joyous home.

Watch “For better for war” the story of Carl, his wife and their marriage, a whole lot you will learn about marriage, relationship, trust and love. The intrigue, twist, romance, action and morals in this movie will keep you at the edge of your seat and leave you reminiscing.

At the end, I bet you will want to recommend this to a friend or family member.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Strong Question

“Finally, my secret is exposed, I'm doomed! now my shame will be expose before all men”

Akande said; sober, heavy hearted and dejected as the weight of poverty bullies his self-esteem, but his ever loving wife cleaved onto him even more, holding him by the hand and looking straight into his eyes while struggling to hold back the tears that has now filled her own eyes.

“No my husband, your secret will not be before all men, you will not face public ridicule, not when we are still together, I will guide your weakness, defend your errors, cover your nakedness’ I won’t let you see shame, I will love you no matter what. I will stand by you all the way”

Even in the continued reign of lack and penury, this promise she kept to the last! For years.

But now, her husband has just given her a little more secrets to hide.

His fortunes had changed within a blink and the once dejected family is now living in affluence but not without a price,  her fertility and their only child Jide were the tools for the money ritual, consequently, Jide will forever live as an imbecile, and she will never be able to conceive for the rest of her life.

He had also married a new wife and raised two children  outside his matrimonial home, and all these were done without her consent. What a way to reward a love so strong.

But He says He has an explanation.

...what will Love do in a case like this?
What is your advice to this loving woman whose years of love and commitment has been betrayed?

Watch IBEERE. An emotional, intriguing, touching and revealing Yoruba movie, featuring some of Yoruba finest arts.  Love truly has different colours.